been having to do STAR testing n I finished the reading one, now next class I know I gotta do the math one. I’m not doing both today because that’s too much n I know if I do I’m already tired so I wouldn’t get the best score possible like I want to. last time we did STAR testing (like 2 months ago?) I did better than average n that’s very good in my opinion so hopefully this time I can do better. for my daily plan I said that I would be working on research n sources for my 2nd project. I managed to research a good amount I think especially today cause we didn’t have the whole hour to do cause of the STAR testing. I also got to find lots of information n sources so there’s gonna be lots of context in my website that I’mma make as my final product. A lot of them were blogs n I was told not to trust those cause usually their info was mostly biased n opinions rather than facts which is what I’m looking for. example of some:

Nothing romantic about Harley Quinn & Joker

Uncropped ‘Suicide Squad’ image reveals Joker/Harley Quinn abuse was cut



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