11.3.16 (Research, Sources, Website)

I’m looking for research that has to do w/ my essential question: What could be the impact of Joker & Harley Quinn’s abusive relationship on today’s youth? this I’m getting done by looking over websites that involve their relationship n picking those that not only seem interesting, but also reliable. therefore instead of just being their opinions, it can be their opinions backed up by information. what I’m finding on the websites I’m putting it into my Google Doc, and below the information I’m putting the source. a great source I found was (https://arousinggrammar.com/2014/01/17/nothing-romantic-about-harley-quinn-joker/), this provided probably max 100 pictures that I can use on my website to prove the terrific abuse that was found in their relationship n now romanticized by thousands. So far I’ve found plenty sources that are reliable n full of information, however, not all the information is essential, that’s why I’m using in my Google Doc the one that I can actually use. pretty much today I finished ALL of my research that I need to complete my website, and like it’s all good data, now I don’t even need to go to Google for info, I got it all on my Doc. I also started my reflection that talks about the connection between my standards & essential question, basically, why did I choose this as my topic? I have a pretty solid reason, now I just need to expand it as greatly as possible w/ details. I guess I did set out to do what I said I was going to on my daily plan since I did a lot today, honestly. however, since I didn’t finish my website, I’m gonna do that over the weekend so I can get that credit!


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